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"You've guided me through something I never thought possible. The fact that I after so many years, can feel like this makes me wake up with joy and fall asleep peacefully! "

" I have finally found peace. A willingness to try, courage and strength to dare to be me and do what I want. The transformation has been total, everything has changed for the better. My health, my finances, my life. The desire to live and the joy of life. Thanks! "
Lena K
" You have taken away my anxiety! I have been freed from my prison from not being able to be in a group, of not being able to travel. You have set me free and life has returned. Thanks! "
" Thanks Stefan!
After being guided by your wonderful voice, I got rid of my headache. Thousand thanks!
I Highly recommend Stefan and the NLP methodology "
Lena R


To my website and thank you for taking the time to find out how quickly things can change... For You! No matter what situation you start from, you are much closer than you think, to a better state. Remember that “Your situation is only one thought away from being different.".

Now when you are here, start by becoming one of those who receive my coaching tips via e-mail. After that, continue to look through the page and if you do not find what you are looking for, if you want help with a specific problem or simply want to change your current situation. Please send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for being here. Welcome!
Stefan E. Lund
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Västra Bodarnevägen 57
441 60   Alingsås,   Sweden 

+46 (0)73 355 10 06

Get rid of anxiety, fear, depression, phobias & hypochondria
Improve relationships, eliminate sexual dysfunction, heal trauma, release negative emotions & stress
Eliminate obesity, bad habits, alcoholism & chronic pain


You can take the next step in your journey towards the reality of your dreams.
I want to help you get rid of what is weighing you down. Help you to a new and better situation where you can feel good and be yourself.
My name is Stefan E. Lund. My role is to be your coach and guide and lead you through the methodology that can change and take you to a new situation. Your journey towards eliminating obstacles and problems continues here. Here you are safe, here you are safe, here you are loved for who you are. I want to help you achieve what you may have previously thought was impossible. omöjligt.


NLP Helps you

Eliminate things that prevent you from feeling good or that otherwise prevent you from reaching your full potential

NLP helps you

  • Eliminate anxiety

  • Remove depression

  • Remove traumas and phobias (e.g. fear of flying, heights, water, spiders, squares, tight spaces, etc.)

  • Stop bad habits, such as smoking, gambling addiction, shopaholic or compulsive behaviors

  • Eliminate hypochondria

  • Eliminate migraines

  • Change performance anxiety into harmony and development

  • Remove internal conflicts, self-sabotage and dilemmas

  • Change stress and stress-related symptoms to become positive energy instead

  • Release negative emotions

  • Remove worry and uncertainty

  • Start and maintain weight loss, get in shape, komma i form

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a concept that deals with personal development and change. To eliminate problems and turn adversity into success. Often, one session is enough to change a habit, eliminate a problem or remove anxiety, worry and depression. NLP is sometimes called the language of the mind and offers a lot in many areas. Here are some more examples of where and what NLP can be used for:

  • How to control your forces: will, focus and inspiration to follow your dream in life
  • How to change bad habits into good habits and make them stay that way

  • How to move on from a bad state in just a few minutes

  • How to stop negative thoughts

  • How to control your mind

  • How to change limiting beliefs


Din förändring till det bättre

I am here by your side as support, help and coach. I want you to succeed. For me, it is important that you succeed. That you achieve your goals and the change you know you need. It's only when you're happy that I'm happy.

You are important to me and I look forward to meeting you.


Stefan E. Lund

Västra Bodarnevägen 57
441 60   Alingsås,   Sweden 

+46 (0)73 355 10 06